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Cresskill Borough Hall
Tax Collector
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Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


February 1, 2018 - 1st Quarter Taxes Due
May 1, 2018 - 2nd Quarter Taxes Due
August 1, 2018 - 3rd Quarter Taxes Due
November 1, 2018 - 4th Quarter Taxes Due

Tax Payment Information

Please be advised according to N.J.S.A. 54.4-64:"The validity of any Tax Assessment, or the time at which it shall be payable, shall not be affected by the failure of a taxpayer to receive a bill, but every taxpayer is put upon notice to ascertain from the proper official of the taxing district the amount which may be due for taxes or assessments against him or his property." 


State statute requires any taxes remaining unpaid by the 1st day of February, May or November be subject to interest at a rate of up to 8% per annum up to $1500.00 and 12% per annum over $1500.00.  Each year the Mayor and Council may provide for a grace period of 10 (ten) days.

Tax Deductions

If you were 65 years or older as of December 31st of the pre-tax year you may be eligible for a deduction of $250.00 annually from your gross tax.  Please note however that this deduction has an income limitation of $10,000, husband and wife combined.  If you have served in the armed forces you may be eligible to receive a $250.00 deduction annually from your gross taxes.  Information, elgibility and applications for Senior Citizen, Disabled and Veteran deductions may be obtained from our office or by visiting

Tax Relief Programs

The following tax relief programs are available to New Jersey Homeowners:

  • Property Tax Reimbursement
  • Homestead Rebate
  • New Jersey Saver Rebate
  • Property Tax Deduction/Credit

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