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There is a power outage in town, should I call the police to find out when it will be restored?

No. During power outages, the Police Department's emergency call volume increases dramatically as we respond to various situations around town.

If you have an emergency during a power outage please do call us.

However, if you are calling only to inquire as to when the power will be restored, just like you we do not know. When this is done, it prevents our dispatchers from answering calls with emergencies pending. You may call the power company or check the power companies website from a mobile device during a power outage to get an estimate when the outage will be restored, however we do not know when you will get your power back.

Is there a call in program for Senior Citizens?

Yes. We have a program for our senior citizens in town where the individual will call our phone at 201-568-1400 to check in that they are ok, usually between 7:00am and 11:00am. Should a member of the list fail to check in with us via telephone, we will attempt to call them to check their status. If we cannot make contact over the phone, an officer will be dispatched to their home to physically check on them.

If you or your loved one wishes to be added to our list, please call our department to answer a few short questions and you will be added to the list.

Does the police department check on houses while you are away?

Yes. We have a vacant house list that officers get each morning. The officer will drive by your house to spot check and see if everything appears ok. If you are going away on vacation and would like to be added to the list, please call us at 201-568-1400. You will be asked several questions from our form over the phone by one of our dispatchers who will then add you to the list.

Can I park my car in the street when it's snowing, even during the day time hours?

No. Vehicles are not allowed to be parked on any street in Cresskill when the road is snow covered. The D.P.W. has to plow the road and your vehicle cannot obstruct their path. Vehicles that are parked in the street are subject to a summons and/or being towed at the owner's expense.

Are solicitors allowed to come to my house?

Solicitors are allowed to go to your home provided that they have a valid permit issued from the Borough of Cresskill. Always ask a solicitor to see a valid permit to solicit along with a picture I.D. before any interactions. If you feel the activity of the solicitor to be suspicious, do not hesitate to call the Police Department and we will send an officer to check.

Can I park in the street Overnight?

Overnight street parking is prohibited in Cresskill between Oct. 15 to April 15. Those that need to park due to an exigency such as no room must request permission from the Police Department by calling 201-568-1400 after 7:00 pm. Permission maybe be denied due to weather forecast or other reasons. We will need your license plate, location the vehicle is parked in front of, and an emergency phone number should we need to have the vehicle moved from the road.

How do I get in contact with Meals On Wheels?

This program is for seniors 60+ and disabled that are homebound.Call for more information 201-358-0050 or 201-336-7420.